What is Parent Participation?

Participation is when parents and professionals work together, recognizing each other's expert knowledge, to make informed decisions about children's services and provisions that make the best use of  people's time and money. When parents and carers participate with providers in a practical way it is called co-production.   

When parents and professionals work together they better meet families’ needs.  Parent carers have lived experience of children and young people with additional needs.   They can make informed and positive decisions which will benefit their own families and the lives of others.  

Why is Parent Carer Participation So Important?

Parent Carer participation is critical to shaping provisions and services and ensuring that they meet the needs of the children and young people that use them and their families. Professionals can make decisions based upon what they believe to be the problems and issues facing families, however, a parent understands these problems in a far more personal way.

 How Can I Participate?

Firstly, we understand that our parent carer members may have challenging lives and we only want you to get involved at a level that suits you.  We are happy for you to step up when you have the time, and step back for periods when you need to focus more on your family. 

There are lots of ways that you can become involved in the work of HPCN and make a difference.

  • Start off by registering to become a member, read our e-newsflashes and stay up-to-date
  • Like our Facebook page at Hampshire Parent Carer Network and share our posts with your friends
  • Let us know your ideas or concerns via our website, social media, telephone or participation@hpcn.org.uk.  Or simply come along to one of our meetings or events and have a chat.
  • Participate in parent surveys which are sent to you by HPCN
  • Send a letter or email to your local MP or councillor if we ask you to
  • Attend one of our Get Together regional monthly meetings, make friends and share information and ideas
  • Encourage your other support groups to become an Associate Member of HPCN
  • Consider putting yourself forward as an HPCN Parent Carer Representative (get in touch at participation@hpcn.org.uk

 Here at HPCN we are working hard to enable the voices of our parent carer members to be heard.  Join us!  You really can make a difference.


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