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Resolution to dissolve the charity

Background 2015

Hampshire Parent Carer Network was originally a parent carer forum led by a committee of volunteer parents. In June 2015, after a great deal of work and dedication, it became a Charity (Charitable Incorporated Organisation or CIO) in order to grow membership and provide more services, employ staff and have the ability to access more funding opportunities.

At the time HPCN had 6 employed staff including a CEO, Finance Officer and 2 admin staff. It also had a strong Board of 5 Trustees.

Changes 2019

Change came in 2019 and this presented the trustees with an opportunity to look at the viability of the organisation going forward:

  • the contract for day to day support was given to The Rose Road Association, they have experience working with parent carer forums and can offer back office support.
  • HPCN remained independent.
  • a new steering group was set up ensuring parent views are heard and reflected back to our funders
  • the trustees were happy to continue for a period of time to ensure all was working well and then would make a decision in a couple of years as to whether HPCN would continue as a charity or become a hosted parent carer forum run by the steering group.


HPCN has grown from strength to strength over the past 2 years with the current structure, even through the challenges of a global pandemic. The trustees believe that now is the time to voluntarily dissolve the charity and continue HPCN as a hosted parent carer forum.

The trustees feel that this is absolutely the best way for HPCN to achieve its aims going forward.

  • HPCN has a strong, robust and experienced steering group who the trustees feel are best placed to run the organisation.
  • HPCN has a severe lack of trustees (currently, HPCN have 3 trustees, all of whom need to stand down as soon as possible). We have actively been trying to recruit trustees for the last 2 years with no success. A charity must have a minimum of 3 trustees.
  • Since becoming a charity, HPCN has never had the capacity to do any fundraising.
  • No longer being a charity will remove the unnecessary level of bureaucracy of having trustees, submitting accounts and returns to the Charity Commission and being governed by the Charity Commissions strict regulations.
  • As a charity, HPCN also have to pay for additional costs such as independent auditing, insurance, bank charges etc. We would rather this money was used to benefit parents and carers.
  • No longer being a charity means we can release the charity reserves (around £30k) to use for providing services to parents and carers in Hampshire eg. Parent/Carer training.
  • Parents and carers in Hampshire will not notice a difference in the services that HPCN provide. From the outside, HPCN will continue to work in the same way.

A resolution will be put forward at the AGM for the purpose of recommending the voluntary dissolution or winding up of the HPCN CIO.

The resolution vote

An example of the restrictions and regulations imposed by being a CIO is that we have to closely follow our governing document, The HPCN Constitution, for how decisions can be made. The HPCN Constitution states that

Any decision by the members to wind up or dissolve the CIO can only be made:

a) At a General Meeting […..]

b) by a resolution passed by a 75% majority of those voting

c) by a resolution passed by decision taken without a vote and without any expression of dissent […..]

The trustees all need to stand down so the charity will have to close whichever way the resolution votes goes unless at least 3 new trustees come forward on or before the AGM.

If you would like to become a trustee please email us at trustees@hpcn.org.uk

We are inviting HPCN Members to vote to pass this resolution.

If the charity is closed:

  • A new contract will be set up with the Rose Road Association to act as the host organisation for the parent carer forum.
  • HPCN will remain independent.
  • The Rose Road Association will manage and support HPCN guided by the steering group.
  • Any assets of the current CIO will be transferred to The Rose Road Association to be ring-fenced for use by HPCN solely.
  • The charity will be wound up by the trustees without any disruption to the services HPCN provides to parents and carers in Hampshire. Once this is done the trustees will resign. (Note: HPCN have been trying to recruit trustees for the last 2 years with no success)
  • Parents and carers in Hampshire will not notice a difference in the services that HPCN provide.
  • If circumstances change, the Charity Commission can easily restore a dissolved CIO (within a 6 year time limit).

If you would like more information or have any questions please email the HPCN Trustees trustees@hpcn.org.uk

How to vote

You MUST be a member of HPCN to be eligible to vote. If you are not currently a member you can join here Member Sign up Form

To vote you can:

either Attend the AGM on 29 November 2021 and vote on the day

or if you cannot attend the AGM please vote (before the end of 28 November 2021) by online form below

Or by post stating your name, whether you are a member of HPCN and your vote to Scrutineers for Hampshire Parent Carer Network, c/o The Rose Road Association, 300 Aldermoor Road, Southampton, SO16 5NA