What is Talk Together?

TALK TOGETHER is an HPCN initiative aimed at supporting positive and informative communication between schools and parent carers with children who have additional needs.

HPCN will help with the set-up and running of meetings while supporting school staff in providing a framework for subsequent meetings. (Usually termly.)

Talk Together means cooperating in true partnership to achieve better outcomes for our children and young people.

Why is Talk Together important?

● It responds directly to the Children and Families Act 2014 requirement for parent caters to be central a child’s (SEN) provision.

● It supports key target areas in the Ofsted Schools Inspection Handbook and is valued by Hampshire County Council.

Talk Together benefits SCHOOLS

● It builds relationships, understanding and consistent home-school support.

● It encourages parent carer involvement.

Talk Together benefits PARENT CARERS

● It provides chances to share ideas and information.

● It can improve provision for SEN children.

Talk Together benefits CHILDREN

● It encourages better communication between home and school.

● It can foster support and understanding which helps manage behaviours and anxieties.

Talk Together Awards

Talk Together Awards indicates a school has and continues to truly involve parent carers and include their views in the schools’ decisions and policy-making.